University Records Retention Schedule


The University Records Retention Schedule exists to provide the university community with guidance on the retention and disposal of university records. The schedule supports the university's Records Retention Policy and establishes retention periods based on the content and purpose of university records.

The University Records Retention Schedule

  • Describes various types of records existing within the University.
  • Specifies the duration that records of a given type are to be retained.
  • Applies to records identified as "university records" based on their purpose and content.
  • Applies to university records without regard to the form or media in which the records exist (e.g., paper, email, server, tape, disk).
  • Indicates the department or other unit responsible for the management and storage of retained records.
  • Indicates for each record type a "data classification" which guides security practices for active and archived records, and the disposal of expired records. Please refer to the Records Retention Policy for cautions related to destruction of university records.

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