Graduate Student System

Records submitted by graduate students during their active academic careers. Includes—
- Student admission information
- Committee appointment and program of study (POS) forms
- Changes in admission or enrollment status, POS, committee, department and/or major
- Request and reports for preliminary and final oral exams
- Correspondence with students or their programs

These records include the student’s identification number.

Last updated: 24 Jun 2010

Active Retention

Retention: 4 years after most recent registration
Managed By: Graduate College

Inactive Retention

Retention: Transition from active to permanent retention between 4-5 years after last registration
Stored By: Graduate College

Permanent Retention

Archived By: Graduate College

Data Classification

Confidential by state and/or federal statutes
Regulatory Basis: FERPA

Disposal Method

Confidential destruction of original documents



For questions about this record type, contact: Graduate College