Accounting Corrections and Transfers

Correction Documents:
- Correction Vouchers (CVR)
- Cash Receipt Adjustments (CRA)

For Intramural Transfers of Charges please see "Intramurals"

Transfer Documents:
- Budget Transfer Allocations (BTA)
- Funds Transactional Transfers (FTT)
- Revenue & Expense Transfers (RET)
- Transfer Fund Balances (TFB)

*Note: Correction Vouchers and Cash Receipt Adjustments are not imaged and are kept in their paper form. The various budget transfer documents (BTA, FTT, RET, and TFB) are stored in Access Plus.

Last updated: 06 Apr 2010

Active Retention

Retention: Retain until posted on Image - AC in Access Plus (usually two weeks)
Managed By: Department

Inactive Retention

Retention: 10 fiscal years – *See note above
Stored By: Controller's Department

Data Classification

Unrestricted, provided confidential material is deleted
Regulatory Basis: SSN Protection Policy

Disposal Method

Confidential destruction if record contains any sensitive content



For questions about this record type, contact: Controller's Department