Category: Administrative & Financial

Record Types
Accounting Corrections and Transfers
Accounting Statements - Departmental, Project
Accounting Transactions, Debit Memos
Accounting Transactions, Intramural
Accounting Transactions, Reimbursements to Employees prior to July 1, 2009
Accounting Transactions, Reimbursements to Employees since July 1, 2009
Accounting Transactions, Travel Reimbursements
Accounting Transactions, Vouchers
Accounts Receivable Accounting Reconciliation and Activity Reports
Accounts Receivable Miscellaneous
Accounts Receivable Student/Customer Records
Admissions Records (Student)
Bank Reconciliation Workpapers
Board of Regents Submissions
Calendars, University
Capital Leases and Other Long Term Debt
Cash Reports and Credit Memos
Centers and Institutes - Historical
Centers and Institutes - Operations
Check Registers
Contracts - Permanent Retention
Contracts - Ten Year Retention
Contracts - Two Year Retention
Course Enrollment Tallies
Courses, Interdisciplinary
Data--Confidential, Protected, Sensitive
Debit Memos
Deposits Online
Deposits: Cash Reports
Deposits: Credit Memos
Deposits: Supporting Documentation
Employee Activity Summary of Effort (EASE) Reports
Employment Files, LGBT Student Services
Environmental Health & Safety
Facilities and Administrative Cost (F&A) Workpapers
Facilities: Small Projects - Maintenance, Repair, Improvements
Financial - Iowa State Center
Financial Report Workpapers
Flat Runs by Fund Account Number
Gifts, Grants, Contracts, and Cooperative Agreements
Graduate Scholarship System
Graduation Lists
Hold Records
Intramural Transactions
Inventory, Equipment - Active
Inventory, Equipment - Inactive
Iowa State Center
IRS Forms 1099-MISC
ISU Surplus
Leave, Vacation and Sick
Loans Receivable Account Reconcilation and Reports
Loans Receivable Student Records
Mail Instruction Cards, ISU Postal & Parcel Services
Membership Bid Cards, Greek Chapters
Mission Statements
Organization Charts
Payroll Reports
Personnel / Payroll - Iowa State Center
Policies and Procedures
Policies and Procedures, Grievance or Complaint
Procurement - Contracts
Procurement - cyBUY Release Records
Procurement - P-Card Records
Procurement - Purchase Orders/Requisitions
Procurement - Request for Quote (RFQ) / Request for Proposal (RFP)
Program Review
Real Estate - Land and Buildings
Record Type Submission Form [DOC]
Reiman Gardens - CoHort Membership Forms
Reiman Gardens - Rental Contract
Reimbursements to Employees
Research Involving Human Subjects
Scholarship Applications, Departmental
Scholarship Applications, Sloss Women's Center
Scholarship Files, LGBT Student Services
Scholarships Awarded, Departmental
Signature Authorizations, Departmental / Unit
Social Security Number
Special Events and Occasions
Sponsored Programs Award Files
Sponsored Programs Financial Reports
Sponsored Programs Unfunded Proposals
Student Counseling Services - Clinical Records
Student Health Center - Medical Records
Student Health Center - Pharmacy Records
Student Support Services Program (SSSP) Participant Records
Tax Returns, Forms
Tutor Recipient Record, Academic Success Center
Wage Hour Reports