AAUDE Data Exchange

Iowa State University is a member of AAUDE, the American Association of Universities Data Exchange, and participates in the regular exchange of data among AAU institutions covering several areas of university activity. The data submitted are made available to Exchange participants typically through the AAUDE Data Warehouse. The exchange items include: Faculty Salary by CIP Code, Graduate Student Stipends, Tuition and Fees, Freshman Profiles, Current Issues (Data and Text), Retention and Graduation Rates, CUPA Administration Salaries, CUPA Administrative Salaries, and Delaware Study.

Last updated: 30 Apr 2014

Active Retention

Retention: Until revised or replaced
Managed By: Institutional Research

Data Classification

Restricted if contains identification information

Disposal Method

Confidential destruction if record contains identifcation information or other sensitive content



For questions about this record type, contact: Institutional Research