Contracts - Two Year Retention

The following contracts are to be retained for two fiscal years after the termination or expiration of the contract:

Leases and Facility Use Agreements – Short Term (one year or less)
Software Licenses (off the shelf)
Speakers and Performing Artists (see also "Lectures and Events")
Releases of Liability (retained by Office of Risk Management)

The relevant administrative unit may elect to keep the contract for a longer period of time. See also the entry for "Historically Significant" in the Records Retention Schedule.

Last updated: 19 Nov 2021

Active Retention

Retention: Throughout term of contract / of interaction with other party
Managed By: Relevant Administrative Unit

Inactive Retention

Retention: 2 fiscal years – after the expiration or termination of the contract unless the department elects to retain longer
Stored By: Relevant Administrative Unit

Permanent Retention

Archived By: N/A

Data Classification

Restricted if contains sensitive content

Disposal Method

Confidential destruction if record contains any sensitive content



For questions about this record type, contact: University Counsel