Accounting Statements - Departmental, Project

Departmental Statements give a summary of the month's accounting transactions and show the available balance for a particular fund account (i.e., the first seven digits).

Project Statements allow display of the fund account information at an additional level of detail by adding six digits to the fund account.

These statements are generated monthly and annually.

Statements dated through June 30, 2008 are retained on microfiche.

Statements dated after June 20, 2008 are retained on centralized electronic data storage.

Last updated: 07 Oct 2009

Active Retention

Retention: Monthly statements have no specific requirement. Retain as needed for departmental use, e.g. verification of transactions.
Managed By: Department

Inactive Retention

Retention: 10 fiscal years – Applies to annual statements.
Stored By: Controller's Department

Data Classification


Disposal Method

Delete, recycle, or place in garbage



For questions about this record type, contact: Controller's Department