Mail Instruction Cards, ISU Postal & Parcel Services

Mail instruction cards are the medium used by ISU patrons to provide instructions to Postal & Parcel Services regarding the patron’s request for services in sending out official University business. Included in the information is the P-number (usually a barcode) which allows Postal & Parcel Services to charge the appropriate account/fund number.

Last updated: 25 May 2010

Active Retention

Retention: 3 fiscal years – the current year and two additional years
Managed By: ISU Postal & Parcel Services

Inactive Retention

Retention: 5 fiscal years – from original date of mail instruction card
Stored By: ISU Postal & Parcel Services

Data Classification

Unrestricted if it contains no confidential content

Disposal Method

Delete, recycle or place in garbage if it contains no confidential content



For questions about this record type, contact: Facilities Planning & Management