Category: Personnel

Record Types
Affirmative Action Applicant Statistical Data
Applications, Job (Solicited through Searches)
Applications, Job (Unsolicited)
Background Checks, Applicants for Employment
Benefits File
Data--Confidential, Protected, Sensitive
Employee File, Undergraduate - Academic Success Center
Employee Requisitions
Employee Search
Employment Applications
Employment, Student Non-Work Study
Evaluations of Courses and Instructors
Grievance Records, Faculty
Grievance Records, Merit Employees
Grievance Records, P&S Employees
Human Resources
Iowa State Center
Job Announcements
Job Applications, Inquiries
Job Classifications
Leave, Faculty Improvement
Leave, Family and Medical
Leave, Vacation and Sick
Letters of Intent
Medical File, Employee
Notice of Vacancy (NOV)
Ombuds Office Materials
Ombuds Services
Organization Charts
Payroll Reports
Personnel / Payroll - Iowa State Center
Personnel Actions
Personnel Activity Report (PAR)
Personnel Files, Faculty
Personnel Files, Non-Faculty
Policies and Procedures
Policies and Procedures, Grievance or Complaint
Position Announcements
Position Applications, Inquiries
Position Description (PD)
Pre-Employment Monitoring Form (PEMF)
Promotion and Tenure
Recruitment, Employee
Resumes for Advertised Job Vacancies
Search, Employee
Social Security Number
Support / Referral Information, Sloss Women's Center
Time Sheets
Tuition and Development Grant
Voluntary Applicant Statistical Data Form (VASDF)
W-4 Forms
Wage Hour Reports