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Record Types
Academic Consulting Record, Academic Success Center
Academic Progress Records
Academic Records, Greek Chapters
Accounts Receivable Student/Customer Records
Add / Drop Procedures
Admissions Records (Student)
Advising File
Background Checks, Applicants for Admission
Commencement Programs
Credit by Examination
Data--Confidential, Protected, Sensitive
Dean's List
Disability Resources, Student Records
Disciplinary Records
Employment Files, LGBT Student Services
Enrollment Withdrawal
Explanation of Benefits (EOB)
Financial Aid, Satisfactory Academic Progress
Financial Aid, Student Athletes
Financial Aid, Student Loans
Grades: Final
Grades: Other
Graduation Lists
Historically Significant
Hold Records
International Students & Scholars Office
Journey to Success Participant File
Loans Receivable Student Records
Medical Records, Student
Membership Bid Cards, Greek Chapters
Multicultural Student Affairs (MSA) Program Records
Ombuds Office Materials
Ombuds Services
Scholarship Applications, Departmental
Scholarship Applications, Hixson Opportunity Awards
Scholarship Files, LGBT Student Services
Scholarships Awarded, Departmental
Social Security Number
Student Assistance Database
Student Counseling Services - Clinical Records
Student Examinations, All Graded Work
Student Health Center - Medical Records
Student Health Center - Pharmacy Records
Student Support Services Program (SSSP) Participant Records
Support / Referral Information, Sloss Women's Center
Tutor Recipient Record, Academic Success Center
Withdrawal from Enrollment
Work Experience, Student